Spanish Cooking Classes

If you would like to take part in a Spanish cooking course with our chef Chaxi, please fill in your details below and we can make the arrangements.

If you have a minimum of five people for a course, then please get in contact and we can arrange a special course date for your group. These requests are subject to availability so we will get in contact to discuss your course.

Courses are available again from November 2018 as Chaxi is on maternity leave at the moment.

The course costs $249 plus accommodation – please indicate which room you would like to book on the form so we can reserve it for you.

We have a maximum of eight people for the classes. This includes:

  • The course teaching you general Spanish cooking techniques.
  • Preparing a 3 course meal for the class to enjoy in the evening.
  • A glass of Tasmanian bubbles around the paella during the final stages.
  • A full length embroidered Brockley Estate apron.


Q1 I want to come but my partner/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t want to cook?
A1 No problem! As Brockley can sleep 12, you are welcome to bring a friend or partner to share your room and the dinner. There’s plenty of other things to do on Brockley whilst you learn to cook wonderful Spanish cuisine.

Q2 How long is the course?
A2 The course will take about four hours. During this time you will learn a little about the origins and influences of Spanish cooking, what are the main ingredients you need and where to get them locally, and you will also be hands on preparing a three course meal for everyone to share that evening.